WOW on iTunes

We are working hard to make all the WOW albums digitally available.  The following albums are not currently available on iTunes or other digital retailers.

WOW Worship: Aqua
WOW Worship: Green
WOW Worship: Orange
WOW Worship: Blue
WOW Gospel #1s
WOW Gospel 2007
WOW Gospel 2000
WOW Gospel 1999
WOW Gold

The following albums will not be made digitally available.
WOW New & Next 2011
WOW New & Next 2010
WOW Best of 2007 (check out WOW Hits 2007)
WOW Best of 2006 (check out WOW Hits 2006)
WOW Best of 2005 (check out WOW Hits 2005)
WOW Best of 2004 (check out WOW Hits 2004)

Most of the songs featured on WOW albums are available digitally on the artists' original recordings.